Tulsa Interstate Adoption Lawyers

Adoptions can be challenging and difficult as it is — all within one state.

When an adoption is involved in multiple states, another layer of complication is added to the situation. Specifically, the adoption must follow the process defined by the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC). On a high level, this compact defines each state as the "sending" or "receiving" state. Both states — the state of the currently residing child as well as Oklahoma -- must approve of the new placement.

If you are working through any interstate adoption issue, our law firm is prepared to put more than half a century of combined experience to work to help you resolve all issues.

We can contact a skilled attorney in the state in question from which you wish to adopt the child in order to determine the state's requirements. From there we will help you reach a best possible resolution in the most efficient and effective way. This may include the biological mother's consent, termination of parental rights and last details to complete the process.

Depending on which point in the process you contact us, we may also help you determine if a given state is best in your circumstances. Ultimately, our foremost concern is you and your family's wellbeing and helping you transition in the ideal way. We encourage you to take decisive action and get in touch as soon as possible.

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