Tulsa Attorneys For Newborn Adoptions

A newborn adoption is a beautiful transition point in a family. It allows parents to bring a newborn into their life while helping those who need to find a loving family for their child.

Because adoption is a key practice area for our law firm, we are able to work on any newborn adoption case. We can work with clients at any point in the process — before or after a match has been found. From there, our lawyers can help address all aspects of the legal process to ensure that all steps are followed in the most compliant way.

This may include a determination of open versus closed adoption. In the case of a one-off meeting or commitment to sending photos to the biological parents, a closed adoption can be a suitable arrangement. If parents wish to share information but not parenting, an open adoption may be better.

In the event of multistate adoptions, our firm will do everything needed to determine all legal requirements. We will tailor our family law approach regardless of whether the case needs to be handled in one or both states.

When we work with parents prior to adoption, we are able to help connect birth mothers with families by fostering a relationship between the parties so they both understand whether the situation is ideal.

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