Tulsa Child Support Attorneys

Child support and alimony exist to ensure financial well-being of families following a divorce. Each presents its own unique issues. Generally speaking, the former is more straightforward and based on Oklahoma child support calculations. By considering factors that include the number of children, income levels, and other issues, the courts generate a schedule for support payments.

Alimony presents more nuanced issues. Generally speaking, the courts will look at several factors when determining alimony. These include age, income, vocational skill, sacrifices made and child-rearing duties, among other factors. In these cases, there is more room for argument and making the case that one party has a need to pay more or less, or receive more or less.

If you are working through any of these issues, it is important to have experienced counsel on your side to inform you of your issues, rights and options.

We at Gassaway Law Firm have more than half a century of combined family law experience working on these and similar issues. We will work directly with you to fully understand your goals and your family's unique dynamics. From there we will bring our comprehensive knowledge to reach a solution that preserves your loved ones' well-being in the immediate and long-term future.

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