Tulsa Child Custody Attorneys

In Oklahoma, child custody is defined as child-rearing parental rights. This includes education, health care decisions and religion, among other factors. One form of custody is visitation/time sharing. The courts will look to consider the best interests of children when determining child custody. Generally speaking, the arrangement will be either joint or sole.

Parents who have joint custody will contribute to a portion or all aspects of decision-making and custody. When parents agree to a joint child custody plan, all details are defined with respect to what responsibilities will be shared.

In a sole custody arrangement a single party has exclusive control. In most cases, this arrangement will include visitation with the noncustodial parent, as applicable.

In rare cases, the court will award split custody or divided custody. In the former case, each parent will be awarded custody of individual children from their relationship. In the latter case, parents rotate out of a home on a schedule, generally speaking.

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