Custody And Support Modifications

It goes without saying that families are constantly changing and growing. This growth often leads to situations that a family law judgment did not account for and does not reflect the current needs of the family. Fortunately, it is possible to modify an existing order if you are able to demonstrate to the court the necessary factors for which it is merited. This may include:

  • Custody — A parent may successfully modify the current custody schedule if he or she is able to demonstrate to the court that it isn't in the child's best interests to maintain the current schedule. The court will look at various factors including the child's cognitive, emotional and educational well-being and opportunities.
  • Relocation —A parent may relocate a child or children to an location more than 75 miles away for more than 60 days if he or she complies with the relocation law, and is able to demonstrate that it is in the best interests of the child. As with a custody modification, a relocation may result in changes to the financial, educational or emotional needs of the child, all of which must be agreed upon or determined by the Court.
  • Support (child or spousal) — A parent or spouse may seek a modification if there has been a substantial change in circumstances such that the previous schedule is no longer viable for the payer and recipient.

Regardless of the modification issue with which you are faced, we are prepared to bring more than 50 years of family law experience to help you address it in the best possible way. Our lawyers always fuse a hands-on approach to counsel with our comprehensive knowledge to reach tailored solutions that benefit the well-being of families in the immediate and long term. We encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.

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