Tulsa Paternity Attorneys

Establishing paternity is an important step for both mothers and fathers. It can establish rights to child support or rights to visitation and custody. The process, however, can be confusing and seem complex.

If you are working through any paternity issue, it is important to have experienced counsel guiding you through the process in a clear way so that you can reach a best possible outcome in an efficient way.

With more than half a century of combined experience working on these and other family law issues, we at Gassaway Law Firm are prepared to help you address any paternity issue in the most clear and comprehensive way. Our family law attorneys understand how important these issues can be. From the moment that you contact us, we will take the time to understand your unique circumstances, needs and goals. From there we will orchestrate a plan that reaches a best possible outcome in a way that preserves your family's financial and emotional well-being in the immediate and long term.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to address these issues as soon as possible. We encourage you to take deliberate and decisive action by contacting our team.

To get in touch and speak with a lawyer at our firm about your legal matter, contact our law office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For assistance, call 918-592-6800 or toll free at 877-404-7156 or contact us by email.